Kanade Partnership was established in 2020 by the six partners who had previously worked with one of the Big 4 accounting firms in the position of partners for more than a decade. Since its establishment, Kanade Partnership has been providing high-quality audit services to both listed companies and private companies and has successfully engaged with 19 listed companies for audit services as of October 31, 2023. We believe that these acquisitions of the multiple audit engagements in such a short period of time are proof of our creditability and good recognition in the market.

We also offer a diverse range of consulting services with a focus on financial accounting, including financial advisory, support for internal control system establishment, assistance with IFRS or US GAAP implementation, and various other strategic solutions to medium-sized companies. The quality of our consulting services is corroborated by our extensive experience in the audit industry and our customer-oriented approach.

Additionally, in line with our expansion of client services, particularly the increased communication with global accounting firms, we have recognized the importance of enhancing our global capacities.  Hence, we have hired and deployed several bilinguals on global engagements. As of October 31, we have eight Japanese-English bilinguals, one Japanese-Chinese bilingual and one Vietnamese-Japanese bilingual to support our clients with global operations.

Our Commitments

1 – Focus on the medium market

We focus on companies in the medium market, including medium-sized companies, regional core companies, and growing companies. Understanding that the challenges faced by those companies may be different from the challenges of larger organizations, we always consider the best approach to assist our clients in the medium market.

2 – Highest priority on audit quality

We believe that the true value of an audit lies in the timely identification of significant accounting, disclosure or control of issues, and effective communication to management about those issues, along with our assistance for our clients’ remediation actions. We ensure that our quality audit contributes to the growth of our clients, and eventually aiding the development of local communities, society, and capital markets.

3 – Serve as valued professionals

Building strong connections with our clients is essential to accurately capture our clients’ business circumstances and conditions. Thus, we aim to enhance our interpersonal skills and prioritize communication with our clients to achieve true value as professionals.

4 – Pursue new IT technology and innovations

We recognize that modern management requires companies to focus more on digital transformation than ever before.  We constantly update and incorporate the latest IT knowledge and technology so that we can properly understand our clients’ progress in the IT environment. We also continuously improve our audit processes and consulting skills by adapting new IT technology.

5 – Maintain a good work environment

We recognize that good ethics are an essential element of our business. We regularly improve our professional knowledge, skills and capabilities. We respect each other as professionals. We know that those aspects are all for us to maintain a good work environment.

About Our Firm

Firm Name

Kanade Partnership


Foundation Date

October 2020  

Managing Partners

Takahiro Shinohara Chief Executive Officer
Masanori Sugita Chief Quality Control Officer
Hiroaki Ishi Chief Marketing Officer
Matsuura Ryujin Chief HR Officer
Fujitaka Takamura  Chief Operating Officer
Makoto Yabe Chief Technology Officer
Tadashi Shirai Supervisory Officer

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Number of Employees

CPAs :

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Headquarter:Toyo Buidling 1-2-10 Nihonbashi Chuo Tokyo 103-0027

Kanazawa Office / Shizuoka Office / Nagano Office

As of October 2023